How Do I Book A Session?

Our website has been updated to require membership for our tumbling services. We have made our services even better by providing free open tumble to all members! We are also no longer requiring annual equipment dues! All of this is now available at a cost of only $10/month! Membership is monthly and can be canceled at anytime right in your account.

Once you create an account and subscribe to membership you will be able to see the coaches availability and schedule right from our website. For further assistance setting up your first session simply send us an email.

Session Rates


Private Tumble


Elite level coach $55

Private Tumble

Elite level coach $38/student


Private Tumble
for 3

Elite coach $30/student

Private Tumble
4 on 1



At GCA, we have a tumbling program that each private or semi-private lesson is designed for the specific needs of the student.  Beginner gymnastics, dancing, figure skating and cheerleading are only a few of the sports that show great benefit from tumbling.  It creates body awareness and teaches complete body control.

We offer private 1-on-1, duets, 3 on 1 but no more than 4 students per session. Sessions can be sporadic as needed or weekly recurring timeslots. We HIGHLY encourage the students to use open tumble to help foster their skills training.

About Us

GameChanger is comprised of coaches with the knowledge and expertise in the field of fitness and tumbling. We are a collective of high end coaches whos experience exceeds any other gym around.

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