How Do I Book A Session?

Our website has been updated! We no longer require membership! Non member rates are perfect for those looking for a pop in lesson and do not want a recurring session. Membership for our tumbling services offers session rates without the premium and free unlimited open tumble. Membership is beneficial if you have a recurring timeslot, want to take advantage of open tumble or do NOT want lessons but only want to come to open tumble. We are also no longer requiring annual equipment dues! All of this is now available at a cost of only $10/month! Membership is monthly and can be canceled at anytime right in your account.

Once you create an account and subscribe to membership you will be able to see the coaches availability and schedule right from our website. You can also download the gymmaster app for easier account access https://www.gymmaster.com/app-download/ For further assistance setting up your first session simply send us an email fitness@thegamechangerathletics.com .

Session Rates


Private Tumble 30 Minutes


Elite level coach $55

Private Tumble
Duet 30 Minutes

Elite level coach $38/student


Private Tumble
for 3
45 Minutes

$30/student for all coaches

1 hour Private Tumble up to 4 students



 At GameChanger, we have a very unique tumbling program that only offers private or semi-private lessons. Designed for the specific needs of the student, we are goal oriented.  Beginner gymnastics, dancing, figure skating and cheerleading are only a few of the sports that show great benefit from tumbling.  It creates body awareness and teaches complete body control.

We offer private 1-on-1, duets, 3 on 1 but no more than 4 students per session. We do not provide a group for you to join. All groups are considered private. Sessions can be sporadic as needed or weekly recurring timeslots. We HIGHLY encourage the students to use open tumble to help foster their skills training.



 What to Expect

For single or duet private lessons your total time in the gym will be 1 hour. You must come 15 min prior to your lesson time to warm up and stretch, and prepare. Follow the warm up protocal we have laid out. After 15 min of warm up and stretch and prepare, you will start at your appointment time with your coach. You will spend 30 min being spot, instructed, and taught on your specific skills. After 30 min you will then have 15 min of drills, conditioning, strength and or flexibility to work on based on where you are lacking in order to gain said skill. 


For groups of 3, please arrive 15 min before to warm up stretch and prepare. Drills will be incorported as stations. Total time in the gym is 1 hour


For a 1 hour private. If you purchased a 1 hour lesson time you may bring up to 4 athletes. Time, drills, strength, and skills will be divided according to your goals, amount of athletes in the group.