Shawn Suttie

Gymnastics Coach

Shawn’s innate affinity for gymnastics emerged at the tender age of eight, and his unwavering passion for the sport has continued to flourish ever since. Recognizing his proclivity for flips and cartwheels at home, his mother enrolled him in a gymnastics program, where he rapidly demonstrated exceptional prowess. Shawn now aspires to provide a similarly enjoyable and engaging atmosphere for others to express themselves, nurturing their love for tumbling in the process.

As a seasoned level 10 gymnast, Shawn has accumulated extensive experience at two distinct gyms and has benefited from the expertise of numerous esteemed coaches. In addition to his gymnastics background, he also showcased his diving skills at Rochester High School for two years. Shawn is committed to imparting his knowledge and experiences to others, consistently exploring innovative methods to facilitate tumblers in realizing their objectives. By enrolling in Shawn’s classes, students can anticipate a comprehensive curriculum emphasizing core principles such as form, flexibility, and targeted drills designed to bolster confidence and expertise within the gym.

Beyond his coaching endeavors, Shawn diligently maintains his physical prowess by practicing tumbling and engaging in weightlifting sessions at the neighboring Downtown Gym. He is an active participant in his church community, with a particular affinity for evangelism ministries. Concurrently, Shawn pursues a degree in computer science at Oakland University, further exemplifying his dedication to personal and professional development.

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