Welcome to our family! Our gym is like no other! Skill oriented tumbling to supplement cheer and dance and personal training in our 24 hour access sister gym called Downtown Gym.

About GameChanger

GameChanger is comprised of coaches with the knowledge and expertise in the field of fitness and tumbling. We are a collective of high end coaches whos experience exceeds any other gym around.

What Others Just Like You Are Saying!

My two daughters both went here and loved it! Both saw progress in a short amount of time. I would recommend this gym to all cheerleaders trying to build their skills!

Tammi Davis

Jessica Battle

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of lessons do you offer?

We specialize in private lessons tailored to individual or small group needs, offering 1-on-1 sessions, duets, and trios, up to a maximum of four participants, ensuring personalized attention and progress.

Can I join an existing group if I don’t have one?

Our focus is on personalized training; therefore, we don’t place individuals in pre-existing groups. Each session is unique to the participants involved.

My friend is already enrolled. Can I join their session?

To maintain the personalized nature of our lessons, joining a friend’s session requires their explicit permission. We prioritize the integrity of each private lesson.

How long are the sessions?

Each coaching session is 30 minutes long, but your total experience extends to a full hour. This includes a 15-minute warm-up, followed by the 30-minute lesson, and concludes with 15 minutes dedicated to skills, drills, and conditioning.

I prefer a full hour of coaching. Is that possible?

Our curriculum is designed to maximize skill development without overexertion. A continuous 30-minute focus on a skill is optimized for learning, beyond which we engage in drills and conditioning to reinforce strength and prevent injuries.

How do I book a session without a membership?

Booking is made easy through our online portal. Simply click here to schedule your session, no membership required.

What advantages does a membership offer?

Becoming a member brings you exclusive benefits, including reduced pricing on sessions, unlimited access to open tumble sessions, and supports our commitment to maintaining a clean and welcoming facility for all our athletes.