Ava Manson

Gymnastics Coach

Hi! My name is Ava and I am a Varsity Cheerleader at Rochester high school currently holding on to 20 cheerleading state titles! I am a 2023 MHSAA Division 1 State Champion and a 2023 MHSSAA Division 1 League Champion. This is currently my 6th year cheering, and as a freshman in high school I had an undefeated season! I did gymnastics for 2 years and coached gymnastics for a year. I also danced for 7 years! My Favorite part about cheerleading is the underlying experiences I gained from the sport like trust and commitment as well as training mentally along with physically. I find not just explaining how a part of a skill should look but explaining why it works gives kids a better understanding of why each small detail is important.

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